The Gals

With the world in the midst of the second Great War, the American public is in desperate need of someone to brighten their day. That's why Corndy! the Corn-Flavored Candy, is proud to present The Apple Sister Variety Show! Broadcast live from the Studios of WXYZ Radio in New York City, this calvacade of comedy stars the Apples of America's eye: Candy, Cora, and Seedy! These lovely songbirds pack each show with original songs, dances and slapstick! They're certain to put a smile to your face, with only modest product endorsement. Did we mention it's sponsored by Corndy!?
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Candy Apple is the middle child. When Candy's not doing splits or "nailing it," she fights for women's rights and enjoys loud walks on the boardwalk. This spunky, sexy spit-fire misses her husband, Cheryl, who is a man fighting in the war overseas. Cheryl sure is a funny name for a boy!
Cora Apple is the youngest of the sisters (but she'll never reveal her age.) This blonde bombshell has a knack for spicing up any sailor party - she just loves seamen! When she's not singing with the girls and shaking her tailfeathers, Cora loves to drink giggle juice at her local speakeasy. Her favorite drink is a Manhattan - hint, hint.
Seedy Apple is the oldest of the sisters. This gorgeous good-girl loves her dancing and her God - who is also her boyfriend. When she's not practicing her highkicks or keeping her sisters in line on stage, she's praying or drinking her boyfriend's blood at church (Holy wine!) Seedy loves a man who can walk on water in open toed sandals.

The Guys

Fatty Marbles:
A recent addition to the Apple Sisters, Fatty Marbles is the greatest trombone player of all times. After he returned from war, he decided to try his hand at directing The Apple Sisters. And boy does he blow!
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Jerome is a piano player from the midwest who followed his heart and his big, big dreams to Hollywood! He picked the gals up on the outskirts of Las Vegas and gave them a ride west. He's been lighting the stage on fire with the gals ever since!
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Woody Stem:
The Apple Sisters saw Woody tickling the ivories at the infamous speakeasy Club Elephant Larry. He joined them for their big musical with his band the Stems.
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The Apple Sisters found Andy one day busking for nickels. He gave them a ride to NYC for their first big radio audition and stuck around for the duration!
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Andy in the Booth:
Andy in the Booth was in the booth when the girls arrived at WXYZ Studios, so they decided it was easier to keep him than find another booth for him. No one has ever actually seen his face.
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Director Tom:
The Apple Sisters met Tom in the local watering hole, Waterwell. Now he's a big time director in New York City, but his past is very shady.
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